Fat Sculpting/Removal

Excess or stubborn fat is something that over 90% of people deal with over a lifetime. Excess fat under the chin is something that affects people’s confidence; luckily we have a variety of options available to treat these small pockets of adipose tissue.


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A non-invasive non-surgical journey to a slimmer you. Coolsculpting is a one of a kind fat freezing procedure that is currently the world’s number one non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Offering zero down time and proven results we are very excited to bring this amazing treatment to Mornington.

BELKYRA (Fat Dissolving)

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Recently launched in Australia (Feb 2017) Belkyra as its reffered to is made up of Deoxycholic acid (DCA) and is an injectable substance that can remove unwanted fat from under the chin, sometimes called a turkey neck. DCA is a substance we naturally produce that helps break down fat in our bodies, when double chins are formed it can be difficult to remove this specific area. The injection of DCA will break down the specific unwanted fat over a few weeks as our bodies metabolise and excrete it.

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