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Anti wrinkle injections, also known as muscle relaxant injections are derived from a neurotoxin produced from botulinium toxin. It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles of the face and thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Various areas of the face can be treated with anti wrinkles injections, including but not limited to frown lines, forehead lines, upper lip lines and lines around the eyes often referred to as crows feet.

Key Elements/Benefits:

  • No down time
  • Quick treatment times
  • Minimal discomfort

During Treatment:

The area of concern will be disinfected and cleaned and with a small amount of neurotoxin and a fine needle, the muscle relaxant is injected into the muscle being treated. The treatment is relatively quick and pain free.

After Treatment:

Post treatment the area will become slightly swollen, however within 2 – 3 minutes this will disappear. Some clients may experience bruising, if this does occur it usually only lasts a few days. It can take up to two weeks for the muscle relaxant to take effect, however some clients notice changes within 3 – 5 days. The neurotoxin lasts 3 – 4 months


  • Reducation in both static and dynamic lines
  • Firmness to the skin
  • ** patient results vary accordingly, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.

Brand B $14 per unit /Brand D $6 per unit

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