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Recently launched in Australia (Feb 2017) Belkyra as its referred to is made up of Deoxycholic acid (DCA) and is an injectable substance that can remove unwanted fat from under the chin, sometimes called a turkey neck. DCA is a substance we naturally produce that helps break down fat in our bodies, when double chins are formed it can be difficult to remove this specific area. The injection of DCA will break down the specific unwanted fat over a few weeks as our bodies metabolise and excrete it.

Key Elements/Benefits:

  • Remove unwanted chin fat
  • Quick procedure time
  • 2 – 4 treatments required
  • Removal is permanent

During Treatment:

Before the injections begin, topical or injectable anaesthesia is applied, this is to ensure patient comfort is optimised. A special grid is applied to the area of unwanted fat under the chin and this will determine how many injections are required. Once the area has been marked up and area is anesthetised the fat dissolving injections begin, some patients experience some discomfort this will vary accordingly.

After treatment

Directly after treatment the area will become red and swollen. Swelling and tenderness can last anywhere from 3 – 7 days and is completely normal, the more swelling the better the result. 4 weeks post tx you will need further treatment as 3 – 4 sessions are often required and the process will be repeated. Final results take 6 weeks post last treatment.


  • Good retraction in skin from fat removal.
  • Reduction in submental fat
  • ** patient results vary accordingly, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.
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