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Laser Genesis is considered to be a non invasive form of laser technology which is used to treat large pores, fine lines, scars and diffuse redness. It works by gently heating the upper part of the dermis to about 44 degrees Celsius which is the optimum amount of heat to gently stimulate collagenosis (the process whereby new collagen is formed) and constrict any dilated capillaries.

Key Elements/Benefits:

  • No downtime, classified as non invasive
  • Treatment time of 30 min
  • Uses own natural collagen production
  • Over time clients see subtle yet effective results in regards to redness and pore size in particular.

During treatment

During the treatment all make up will be removed and specifically designed laser protection goggles will be placed over your eyes to ensure the laser has no detrimental effect to eyesight. The laser head does not touch your skin, it sits roughly 1cm above the skins surface whereby the laser will produce pulses to create a warm yet slightly soothing sensation. Some clients feel the heat quicker and at a slightly higher temperature than others however comfort levels will not exceed too high.

After treatment

After your treatment your skin will be slightly flushed, however make up can be applied straight after as many clients receive this treatment during their lunch break. Directly post treatment we will often place our clients under our heal-ite (LED therapy) at no extra charge to create an even better long lasting ‘plumpness’.


  • Directly after your skin looks and feels more plump
  • Fine lines may soften
  • Reduction in pore size and redness
  • Improvement to skin texture
  • ** patient results vary accordingly, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.

Price: $150

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