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Dr Sally Shaw

Dr Sally Shaw


General Practice 12 Years
1988 Monash University – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
1989 Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Women’s Health 10 Years
Skin Cancer Medicine 10 Years (overlap with Women’s Health)

Established Peninsula Skin Cancer Centre in Mornington and Frankston seeing over forty thousand patients a year.

Senior Lecturer at University of Queensland for Skin Cancer Medicine
Supervisor for RACGP advanced term registrars
Fellowship of Skin Cancer Medicine – SCANNZ
Cert 4 training of 100 + nurses in Skin Cancer Medicine
Certificate of Cosmetic medicine ACCM

Finalist for Melanoma Australia – “Most significant contribution to Melanoma” awards.

Health Cert award for 10 years’ contribution to Skin Cancer Medicine and education.

Owner Operator :        The Enchanted Adventure Garden (1992 – Present)

Owner Operator:         The Wellness Manor (2015 – Present)


  1. Invasive cosmetic procedures performed by non-medically trained practitioners.  I have had a lot of patients come o me with horrific scars from laser treatments and fillers from non-medically trained people.  There is no recourse for these patients as they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Medical Board.  A doctor or nurse understand the anatomy, the danger zones, the health issues that can impact on procedures and the medication interactions.  If they do not follow accepted practice (including appropriate consent and follow up) they are answerable to the medical board.
  2. Medical practitioners having no respect for other therapists.  Often doctors feel that if the patient doesn’t have a disease or a significant ski problem that alternate practitioners have no right treating them.  Dermal therapists all have a skill set that can help patients self-esteem with limited downtime.  The changes may be subtle but over time they can make a significant difference.  We all need to respect each other’s skills in order to give the client/patient the best result.
  3. The most beautiful feature on anyone is their smile.  Forgetting inner beauty is a cardinal mistake.  We need to educate patients about mindfulness, exercise and good diet if we want to make a lasting difference.  Correcting someone’s skin can only go so far to improving self-esteem if you are a “glass half full person”.


Climbing Kilimanjaro was the hardest thing I have ever done.  Every morning the guide would take our sats and pulse and mine was 80% and resting pulse was 110 beats per minute because of the altitude.  It was like climbing a mountain and breathing through a straw!

I was lucky to be in a group of amazing people.  They were from all walks of life and together we encouraged and supported each other.  My practice of mindfulness helped me live each moment, to appreciate hiking above the clouds and to feel every breath as a gift.  If I had thought about the days ahead the increase in altitude to 6000m or a decrease in temperature to -18 degrees Celsius, I may have despaired……. But I focused on my breath and the moment.


Dr Sally Shaw

Prue is our Aesthetic Nurse who is fully qualified in injectables, laser and all things medical.

Prue is a Registered Nurse who developed a passion for the aesthetic industry when she worked part time in her family salon in Bendigo. Whilst studying her Bachelor of nursing she also studied her diploma of beauty therapy. She did this to give her an edge that many nurses don’t have. With an aesthetic eye for attention to detail Prue performs many treatments within our extensive treatment menu.

Prue’s passion for the industry began at the age of 16 when she suffered from skin problems herself. Through much research and commitment to her own skin and working at a hair and beauty salon she learnt this was her passion, to help others achieve their goals towards self-confidence.

Prue has worked closely with Dr Sally Shaw in both skin cancer medicine and cosmetic medicine for a number of years.

Prue has been doing cosmetic injectables for almost 5 years and has multiple certificates in a variety of cosmetic products and procedures. She is continually improving her skills by attending conferences all over Australia. Prue specialises in all forms of injectables including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy.