Skin Pigmentation and Sun Spots

Pigmentation can arise from a range of factors including but not limited to sun damage and genetics. Melanin are the cells within our skin that produce colour. Spots occur on the face when there is an overproduction of melanin. These are predominately found on the face, chest and hands.


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Chemical Peels are often made of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) or beta hydroxyl acids (BHA’s) and are applied to the skin for improvement in pigmentation issues, textural concerns, acne and sun damage including solar keratosis. Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to exfoliate away the skins surface to improve the concerns outlined above. Depending on the issue of concern your physician will outline a treatment plan.


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Laser Limelight is an IPL based laser which uses multiple wavelengths of light to remove brown and red pigmentation on any part of the body. Limelight is the gold standard when it comes to removing pigmentation on the skin. By using multiple wavelengths it attracts the haemoglobin and melanin within the skin to remove excess pigmentation.

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