Ageing Gracefully, it means different things to different people

To me (Helena), growing old gracefully means growing old as the best version of myself that I can be. It’s not about trying to look younger, it is about my skin looking its best for ‘me’, for who I am at this present moment.

In the words of Coco Chanel ‘Nothing makes a woman look so old as trying desperately hard to look so young’.

I hear the comment ‘I am growing old gracefully rather than getting cosmetic stuff done’. Times have changed, making this perspective seem outdated, particularly with all the advancement in skin knowledge, products and treatments available. There was a time when having cosmetic treatments like injectables and cosmetic surgery were a taboo subject. No one spoke of it openly, but secretly visited their skin specialist for treatments.  ‘Aging gracefully’ or comments like ‘I am not that vain or fussed about my skin or face’, is often used as an euphemism. People may use this phrase to mean, ‘looking old, but embracing it’ or ‘showing signs of aging, but still powering forward with life.’ These terms; to me, almost sound and feel negative and back handed. It’s like describing someone who isn’t looking as good as they once did.

Helena as a Beauty Therapist (1979)

We all get old (if we are fortunate to), that is a given, so do it your way, with honesty, confidence, comfort and ease. Do it naturally or with a little tweaking. Its about what you hold import to you, your values and your beliefs. It is personal and individual.

I value good skin care, good skin health, good skin appearance. I am consistent with my home care regime, I have regular peels, and now I add regular Genesis treatments and injectables. I am open and honest about how I look after my skin and what I do to maintain a healthy glowing skin. I first started looking after my skin at the age of 19 when I became a beauty therapist and learnt the importance of a good skin care regime and about the long-term benefits of looking after ones’ skin.  I have been looking after it ever since and I take great pride at how it has paid off.

They say crow’s feet or laughter lines are the evidence of a life full of happiness.  I don’t need to, nor do I want to express my inner happiness through crow’s feet. When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see the hardships that I have endured, the tears of both sadness and happiness I have cried, I see a woman who has taken pride in herself, a woman who has striven to be her best possible self, inside and out. Growing Old Gracefully for ‘me’, and having cosmetic treatments such as injectables, peels, and laser treatments is not about trying to look 20 years younger (that is another blog), it is about softening my appearance. It’s not about wearing my happiness or heartache on my face, rather, its showing the benefits of caring for my skin.

There is a lot of information and emphasis these days on the importance of healthy living. It has been scientifically proven that by including regular exercise, a balanced diet, and meditation into our daily routine and lifestyle, improves and benefits our  physical and mental wellbeing.  So why stop at improving your mental well being or your bodies appearance and function? What about the appearance and function of your skin? Wouldn’t you like your skin to match your healthy inner and outer well being?  Seems like the ‘natural’ and logical thing to do. And looking after your skin is less effort than going to the gym or following a diet!

Helena comparison

Helena at age 24 and now at age 58

And finally, to the younger generation (female and male); if you want to ‘age gracefully or well’, look after your skin NOW! I guarantee you will have amazing skin, in appearance, in texture, and in skin health. I guarantee you will look and feel fabulous when you do move into your mature years.  Accept who you are, be confident in who you are, and be proud of how ‘you’ choose to age.

For the men and women who want to take control of their skin aging, give us call, and wear your face with pride.