Dark Circles under the eye

These often occur because the skin around the eyes begin to show the blood vessels that lie beneath them. Most commonly, environmental factors including hydration and the amount of sleep play a large role in the appearance of dark circles. However integrity of the skin is the main contributor to dark circles.


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Skin Boosters are very similar to Dermal Fillers in the sense that they contain hyaluronic acid (HA) and amino acids essential to good skin health. They serve a slightly different purpose to that of dermal fillers, as they do not plump or contour the face they simply help aid in the hydration process, which is fundamental for a youthful glow. They are often used for crepey skin and fine lines.


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Dermal Fillers also reffered to as Hyalauronic acid (HA) injections are a form on injectable gel used to reshape, contour and correct deficiencies. The injections are made of HA and when injected into the skin create a fuller, more plump look.

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