What is it?

Infini is a combination of micro needling and radio frequency. It works by using multiple micro-needles to penetrate the skin and administer heat through radio frequency (RF) to the targeted layers. The advantage of the RF compared to standard needling is the ability for the RF to remodel underlying tissues. The combination of needling and RF helps to regenerate the skin, whilst remodelling scar tissue and stimulating the new production of collagen and elastin.

Key Elements/Benefits:
  • Minimal down time
  • 3 – 5 treatments required
  • Natural way of stimulating new collagen
  • Reduction in acne scarring
Who can have Infini?

Infini is designed for those with a Fitzpatrick skin type 3 or below – those with dark skin unfortunately cannot receive this treatment as they develop post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIHP). Infini is best designed for those with acne scarring, enlarged pores and those who want overall rejuvenation and tightening.

Is there downtime?

You skin will be red and swollen usually for 24 – 48 hours post treatment. The small microchannels created stay open for a minimum of 4 hours – therefore we recommend not applying makeup afterwards. About 4 days post treatment your skin will become slightly dry and will have a sandpaper feel to this – by day 7 this has usually fully resolved.

How many treatments are required?

We recommend a series of at least 4 treatments spread about 4 – 6 weeks apart, depending on your age. Some patient enjoy the results from Infini and therefore have 6 treatments with yearly maintenance of 1 – 2 treatments.

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Is it painful?

We apply a topical anaesthetic cream which is prescription strength 1 hours prior to treatment, some patients will feel the warmth created by the RF. Post treatment your skin will not continue to hurt, some mild tingling may occur.

How long will the results last?

Depending on your skins response results can last up to 1 year. For acne scars we find results will last a few years however we always recommend at least 1 x yearly maintenance treatment.

Prior to treatment:

We recommend ceasing the use of any retinoid creams (vitamin A) 1 week prior to the treatment. When you come in for the procedure a topical cream to numb the face will be applied – we allow this to sit on the skin for 1 hour to reduce the pain.

During the treatment:

During the treatment you will feel some prickling sensations from the needles and potentially some heat from the RF.

After the treatment:

After the needling finished we often place our patients under our LED light to enhance the healing and regeneration process. Some patient feels very warm after the treatment in which case we apply a zinc based cooling mask instead.

Things to avoid post treatment:
  • Active ingredients inskincare for 5 days
    • We send people home with specific serums to use
  • Sun exposure
  • Avoid extreme temperatures ie saunas for 48 hours.
  • We find clients who use our skincare will heal quicker and enhance the results of their treatment
Potential risks and side effects:

The most common side effect with Infini is the redness post treatment which often lasts about 24 hours. Other common side effects include dryness, roughness to the skin and sensitivity. Rarer side effects can include infection or the development of hyperpigmentation (good skin care regimes at home will help to minimise this risk).

What’s the cost of Infini?
  • Full face: $450
  • Full neck: $450
  • Full face and neck: $800

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