Laser TreatmentsDr Sally Shaw wholeheartedly agrees with this report. There is no “simple risk free” cosmetic procedure. Patients need to understand that if the practitioner is not a doctor or a nurse there is no recourse if something goes wrong. Dr and Nurses are answerable to a medical board and must fulfill a set of standards. Untrained people have no requirement to follow safe techniques and have no obligation to provide follow up or compensation. The other issue is the type of laser. Certain high standard and safe lasers can only be sold to doctors. These unregulated therapists can buy a laser from China and operate it with out any safeguards built into the machine. Here at the Wellness Manor we have a Medical Grade Cutera Laser. We do not do ablative laser, as Dr Shaw believes this should only be done in Hospital. No one but a division 1 registered and trained Nurse, or Dr Shaw operates our laser. Every procedure is done with safety in mind and extensive follow up, we ensure the patients understand the risks pain and outcome. We believe a gradual rejuvenation process is safer and provides optimum results. Cheap, fast rejuvenation deals are not safe.

Due to this exposure and the recent news coverage that laser experience is receiving it is important that any one considering this treatment ensure the following takes place.

  1. A thorough consultation takes place with a skin specialist who has been trained with a qualified and registered trainer.
  2. Equipment – you pay what you get for. The best on the market is Cutera – it is the gold standard of laser and we made the investment to ensure we have the best. There are cheap version coming in from overseas and they should avoided.
  3. Testing – to ensure the best possible outcome and results and avoid and minimize any risks.
  4. Information – ask questions and make sure that you feel totally comfortable with what you will experience during and post treatment.

At The Manor – this is all due process for our team. Consultations are free with no obligation – just education to address any concerns and find solutions best suited to you
‘Oh my God, what have I done!’
Mum left in ‘excruciating pain’ and bleeding after botched laser therapy treatment.

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