What’s all this hype about Laser Genesis?

So, you are keen to know what all the hype is about Laser Genesis, and why I continue to encourage it as part of your skin’s maintenance? Or, do you receive this treatment regularly and love it, but don’t quite understand why it works?  To be honest, initially it wasn’t my favourite treatment as I am a big believer in “no pain, no gain”. How can it be that something that has a) NO downtime, b) NO adverse side effects, and c) NO pain involved, have such wonderful benefits??!! I would not be lying when I say it is the treatment the majority of my clients become reliant on, (other than anti-wrinkle injections of course!) because of the improvements it really does make to your skin, inside and out.

Client’s glowing skin after genesis

Laser Genesis is a form of laser technology that works by gently heating the skin from the inside. Targeting the inner skin is crucial for your skins health as it can treat underlying issues that often arise from the deep dermis (e.g. lack of collagen production). Unlike chemical peels and HydraFacials which only treat the top layers of your skin (great for refining the surface of the skin), Laser Genesis works deeper by creating energy which in turn will promote cellular production, including fibroblasts (i.e. collagen). Laser Genesis is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including rosacea and scarring, but also to naturally promote a healthy and vibrant looking skin. It is important to remember that the improvements will vary between clients. Some clients notice more immediate improvements than others, however the changes will be more noticeable with the number or regularity of treatments.

Prue performing Laser Genesis

Many of my clients who receive Genesis treatments come in on a regular basis (I suggest monthly for best results) as they love the overall effect it has on their skin, and who doesn’t love firm and glowing skin?! There is nothing better than receiving a compliment from a girlfriend. With comments like, ‘wow, what have you done differently?! Your skin looks incredible!’. Because in addition to the above benefits, your skin will appear rejuvenated and healthy for weeks post treatment.  I recommend having at least 6 treatments, 2 – 3 weeks apart to start with, then monthly there after to achieve longer lasting results.

Studies prove that it doesn’t take extremely high temperatures (ie +55 degrees within the dermis) to stimulate neo-collagenases. This is why Laser Genesis provides long term effects in collagen stimulation, without the downtime that other lasers may require. Collagen fibres will begin to curve and change at 55 degrees – before they work at remodelling old collagen. Large pores and fine lines happen as a result of old collagen. To improve your skin, old collagen needs to be activated and restructured, and by increasing the temperature of the skin, old collagen bonds will begin to break down and begin the process of restructuring.

Laser Genesis isn’t a fluffy facial that just feels good and smells nice. It works by stimulating cellular activity, improving elasticity in your skin, delaying the onset of fine lines, as well as reducing redness. Need I say more?! Downsides? No! The only thing to worry about is becoming obsessed with great skin…. And I think that is something we can all live with. ?

Before and After

Immediately post treatment your skin may look flushed for some time, but this will settle within approximately 30 minutes – which means you can have this treatment in your lunch break! The treatment is finished with a serum suitable to your skin type and a moisturiser (which includes SPF 50+) to maintain hydration levels.

If you would like to know more about the benefits that Laser Genesis could provide for your skin, make a time with myself to discuss your concerns and the goals for your skin. All initial consultations are free. AND, since we have received so much interest over the last couple of months, we are going to keep the cost of the treatment at $139 per session, which includes LED to maintain the warmth within the skin, which will prolong the effects of Genesis.

Prue x

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