Lip injections according to Prue

Firstly, I would like you all to know that lips can be injected and still look natural. There is a lot of negative press about lip injections, however I think we would all be very surprised at the number of women who have had their lips injected, but it goes un-noticed, because, well… it’s been done by a qualified and experienced Registered Nurse! Yes, you must be a Registered Nurse to provide this service, so it is SO important that if this is a procedure you are considering, you choose quality over quantity. ??‍⚕️

Lip Augmentation (before and after)

I love gorgeous luscious kissable lips, and I think it’s important that I explain when and why I think it is appropriate.

Injecting lips is probably MY FAVOURITE injectable procedure for many reasons –  the main one being the excitement my clients experience and the poise they exhibit as they leave the clinic. Lip injections can give such a wow factor by balancing out other facial features. It restores self-confidence for some and for others just adds a small enhancement that maybe they once had. Win, win.

 Lips should be a beautiful feminine feature of the face. They should not take over your whole look. If you look at any beautiful face, I guarantee their lips aren’t over done. It’s all about balance and proportion. Over-done lips can be so distracting from the rest of your face. We want people to look at our face as a whole, not to just focus on one feature. Right?

Lip Augmentation (before and after)

I think what frustrates injectors most, is the stigma that comes with lip injections, and particularly from men! It is frustrating when we see some women (yes MKR and MAFS fans, you know the ones…) who simply have had their lips over filled. I spend time in my lip consultations educating on how I won’t create an ‘over-done’ look on my clients, and more importantly why. I believe that part of being a cosmetic nurse means ensuring my clients are aware that we are not trying to aim for ‘perfection’, but to improve to the way they feel about themselves, and to maintain features that make them distinctive.

Having your lips injected with dermal filler is quite quick and relatively pain free (I do use a numbing cream but the experience is different for every client). Many clients  come back when their top ups are due (so it cant be that painful ?). This could be anywhere between 6 to 12 months (also different for each client). The results make you feel beautiful, feminine and well, just pretty darn kissable! My regular lip clients will understand exactly what I’m saying. ?

Client Selfie post lip augmentation with Prue

It is important that I now add, my clientele down here on the Peninsula are A-MAZZZZZZZING! All my clients prefer a natural approach with their lips so I’m never in a position where I need to need to say No (this is something I am very passionate about, as I see it as my artwork. I definitely do not want anyone frowning or gossiping about my work). My aim is to have my clients leave the clinic and have people guessing what they have had done to make them look so amazing. It shouldn’t be too obvious.

 Each of these pictures is my own work. Natural. Feminine. Amazing. I love it. ?

 If having your lips injected is something you’ve been thinking about, but the thought of it scares you a little (maybe you’ve watched too many ‘Botched’ episodes), please come and have a complimentary, no obligation chat with me. We can take photos of your lips, discuss your concerns and go from there. Lips that are done well. Stunning.

 Much love, Prue ?

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