What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-needling also known as C.I.T (collagen induction therapy) is a procedure that involves single use, multiple sterile micro injections which puncture the dermis making micro injuries (micro canals). This stimulates fibroblasts and the production of new collagen and elastin.

The micro canals also facilitate in the absorption and penetration of topical highly concentrated vitamin and mineral Serums into the dermal layer of the skin, incrementing their effect. The specific Serums along with the micro canals, stimulate the skins inflammatory response. The serums used on each client is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and concerns.

Our Micro-Needling device is a Micro-needling Pen which penetrates the skin vertically whereas Micro-needling rollers penetrate the skin at an angle causing more chance of a ‘tear’ through the skin leading to more undesirable side effects and therefore longer recovery time and potentially uneven skin texture.

Key Elements/Benefits:
  • Correction of textural concerns
  • Helps to restore firmness to the skin
  • Reduction of acne scarring
  • Improvement to superficial fine lines
  • Can help with lightening pigmentation
  • Reduction of redness
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Reduction in pore size
  • 4- 6 treatments required
  • 3-4 weeks apart.
Who Can Have Micro-Needling?

Micro-Needling is mildly invasive and suitable for most skin types, it is used for the treatment of the following skin concerns and conditions:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Correction of textural concerns
  • Helps to restore firmness to the skin
  • Reduction of acne scarring
  • Improvement to superficial fine lines
  • Can help with lightening pigmentation
  • Reduction of redness
  • Rosacea
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Who is not suitable for micro-needling?

People with active Acne or tender cysts are not suitable as this may irritate the area and make them more inflamed and potentially spread bacteria. It is best to wait until your skin is less inflamed.

People with sensitive skin or have not recently used active products on their skin.

Skin Cancers on the area to be treated.

Is there downtime?

After the treatment your skin will have signs of mild to severe erythema and may be slightly swollen, however this will settle after 24 to 48 hours. You will also experience ‘heat’ much like a sunburn when the numbing cream has worn off. This can be relieved with cool compress’s if required.

During the first few days after your micro-needling, you should avoid direct sun exposure, rigorous exercise or wearing make-up. Active products, exfoliators and alcohol-based toners should not be used for one-week post treatment. Mild flaking can also occur.

It is also possible that you may experience a mild acne breakout ‘purging’, however these should clear up on their own. It is imperative that you avoid picking at your skin, as this can lead to scarring. It is important to keep your skin well hydrated.

** Each individual may respond and heal differently.

Potential risks & side effects

Like any procedure, micro-needling can cause possible complications. This includes bleeding, bruising, infection, scarring, and pigment problems.

During treatment

The skin is prepared one hour prior to the treatment with our medical grade numbing cream. This ensures a safe and comfortable treatment.
A serum that is specific to your skins needs is applied during micro-needling.

The Micro-needling M.Pen reach depths from 0.25mm to 2.5mm. Depth of penetration is finely controlled and adjusted for the difference in skin thickness and skin type and needs.

Depending on your therapist’s recommendation, post treatment you will have either a L.E.D session or a BioCellular mask. Sun protection will also be applied.

How many treatments are required?

For optimal results:

  • 4-6 treatments are required
  • 3-4 weeks apart

Having a Genesis between each micro-needling will further enhance the benefits and results.

What’s the cost of Micro-Needling?

CIT M/Pen> Full Face: $225

                      Face + neck: $325

                      Face, neck + dec: $385

** patient results vary accordingly, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.
** Please note that if you are booking online, you must make a separate appointment for numbing one hour prior to the actual Micro-needling appointment.

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