Why simple regimes are always best

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One of the first questions I ask people during a consult is, ‘do you have a regular routine with your skin?’ When I say this, I’m referring to a balance of daily skin-care routines and medispa treatments.

The most common answer I get? ‘Not really, I just don’t have the time’. So, my question is: ‘Do you tell your dentist you don’t have time to clean your teeth each morning and night?’ Probably not.

Our skin is our largest organ, so why do so many people dismiss it? It plays such a crucial role in our day to day lives. It helps to protect our bodies from both internal and external factors (especially those bad UV rays).

Our lives are full of routine, right? Alarms each morning, start times for work, food breaks, coffee breaks (let’s not forget these :p) and before we know it, it’s bed time. So, it may be time to start thinking about adding in 5 minutes at night and 5 minutes in the morning to our already routine driven lives.

A regular routine will include a multi-faceted approach. Annual skin cancer checks, monthly visits with your skin care professional (us!!) and a daily skin care routine. Doing these things alone will give you multiple benefits in both the long term and short term.

Let’s face it, it’s our faces that give people the first impressions. Our face is the first thing people look at. Healthy, hydrated and glowing skin is something people will notice straight away. Our confidence is instantly enhanced when our skin shows these traits.

We live in a world now where we must take care of ourselves from the inside out. Don’t you hate it when people say, ‘gosh you look tired today!’ It’s like ‘ok, thanks I look terrible, cheers!’

We all want to look and feel our best every single day. Having healthy skin is an easy way to achieve this.

Healthy skin using a simple home regime

It’s amazing how much more confidence people gain when they are proud of their skin, and finally start looking after themselves. It’s those moments where I’m like, ‘wow this is why I love what I do.’

And seriously, it becomes addictive! People start to tell you how amazing your skin looks, and I’m telling you now, that’s the best feeling, such a confidence booster. That’s what we should all be aiming for right?

I must say for me, regular cleansing, one serum (I change this up seasonally) and SPF are my can’t go without products. I find this is best to start with, and, as you get used to doing this you can then slowly add in eye creams, extra serums etc.

When you have numerous products in your cupboard of multiple different brands it leads to confusion and people begin to dread this, what should be considered ‘you’ time.

There is no need for having 27 different products. If this is you, throw any old things out, start fresh. Start this year with a simple regime that won’t leave you in overwhelmed every time you open your cupboard.

Remember: a well-maintained skin gives people a true indication of one’s overall health and well being.

Ps. A small tip (and something many of you will be thrilled about) there is no need for toners, skip this step, add a serum instead, any good cleansers will be pH balanced.  This effectively means after you cleanse your skin will re-balance its own pH which then allows better absorption of other products. You’re welcome.

Prue xx

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