Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in an evolutionary treatment in epidermal rejuvenation. PRP which we derive from your own blood sample has many benefits when injected into the skin including epidermal growth factors, healing properties and collagen stimulation. The risk of contamination or allergy is almost zero as the PRP that gets re injected is your very own. The growth factors that it contains  is crucial for cellular functions and regeneration. When mixed in conjunction with micro-needling the platelets can enter the skin accurately thus creating extra cellular functions.

Key Elements/Benefits:

  • Uses your own body’s sources
  • No reactions due to own plasma
  • 24 – 48 hours down time only.

During Treatment:

When you come into the clinic we apply a topical anaesthetic to the area being treated. As this begins to numb we take a sample of your blood from your arm and put this sample into a special machine which helps to seperate the platelets from the red blood cells. After this process has occurred we take out the platelets and plasma from the tube and use it to aid the micro needling process. The derived PRP aids the gliding of the micro-needles and thus infused deep into the skin.

After treatment

Directly after the treatment your face will still be numb, this can last up to 3 hours. Some redness and potential swelling may occur. This redness can last anywhere from 24 – 48 hours. A few days post treatment some people notice dryness to their skin in which moisturiser can be applied to relieve this. We reccomend a series of treatments (3 – 6) 1 month apart.


  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Improvement to skin texture.
  • Reduction in pore size
  • ** patient results vary accordingly, and although we endeavour to create the best possible result some clients will achieve a slightly better result than others.

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