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Pore size increases as we age, it can also be a side effect of acne from our teenage years. Over the years pores encapsulate dirt, pollution and dead skin. This makes them appear to be larger than what they are. A variety of treatments can be performed to help refine the appearance of pores


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The Infini system is a micro-needling radio frequency (RF) treatment used to treat scars, enlarged pore size, acne and skin textural problems. It works by using multiple micro-needles to penetrate the skin and administer heat through RF to the targeted layer. The advbatge of the infini compared to many other micro needling systems is the includsion of RF. The penetration of these needles begins a trauma process within the skin, whereby the collagen already established is broken up and then begins to rebiuld itself. This is extremely beneficial for scarring and enlarged pores.


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Laser Genesis is considered to be a non invasive form of laser technology which is used to treat large pores, fine lines, scars and diffuse redness. It works by gently heating the upper part of the dermis to about 44 degrees Celsius which is the optimum amount of heat to gently stimulate collagenosis (the process whereby new collagen is formed) and constrict any dilated capillaries.


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Chemical Peels are often made of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) or beta hydroxyl acids (BHA’s) and are applied to the skin for improvement in pigmentation issues, textural concerns, acne and sun damage including solar keratosis. Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to exfoliate away the skins surface to improve the concerns outlined above. Depending on the issue of concern your physician will outline a treatment plan.

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